06 January 2009

Tool of The Month

I thought we would start out with a "Tool of The Month" post! There are so many tools out there these days I think we can get a little overwhelmed with choices and prices!
So this month I have chosen ...

The Silent Setter
by Provo CraftI have had one of these since it first came out and LOVE IT! Being a mother to 3 young children, I tend to do my scrapbooking at night when the little people have gone to bed! I found I was finding it hard to punch eyelets and holes in my projects without letting the neighbours dog know along with just about putting a whole through my table!

This kit comes with what you see there in the picture, along with a little container of eyelets to get you started! There is no hammering, no noise, nuthin! You simply push down on the handle to make your whole and to set your eyelet! The size of this kit is great also, It comes with me to many a scrap night out with the girls and any tool that is under $20 is a bargain to me!

You can find this Silent Setter here!

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