02 February 2009

A Cute Tutorial

A big hello to everyone! I wanted to share with you today a REALLY simple tutorial using some Kaisercraft patterned paper. The tutorial is 'How To Make A Sunny Boy Container'. If you're visiting from the USA, these are also called Sour Cream Containers.
Depending in what size container you want, will depend on the size paper you use. I am using a 12cm x 15cm piece of paper from the Kaisercraft 'Sakura Park' range which is available HERE.

You need to put adhesive on the two long sides and one short side, leaving one short side with NO adhesive. If you are using double sided tape like I have here, remove the backing and bring the short side with the adhesive towards the end with no adhesive. It will look like a toilet roll at this stage. Don't worry, it's not going to stay like that very long LOL. Take one end and 'squeeze' together and flatten the edges to create a sealed end. At this stage, you would add your goodies, whether that be chocolate, lollies, candy, whatever you like, but you need to do it NOW before we seal the other end.

Here's the trick to creating the unique shape, you need to 'squeeze' and 'flatten' and 'seal' the other end the OPPOSITE way to the first end we did.
And there we go, a Sunny Boy/Sour Cream container. I put the ends through my paper crimper, to give it a 'professionally sealed' look. If you don't have one, you can always just score the ends.

And this paper is perfect for the upcoming Valentines Day. The reds, blacks and white in this range is stunning. I have added a simple heart on a scalloped circle which I tied though a hole I punched in the top.
A great idea for party bags, as wedding favours, or a thank you. They take less than 5 minutes to make, and look so cute. To see the complete range of papers in this range click HERE

Have fun with this,

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Sals said...

love this idea....now lets see if I actually get around to doing one!!! :)